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    2. Booth Contractors

      Floor Space Booths - Construction Details

      • For floor space booths, please see a list of recommended local booth contractors below.?
      • For inquiries and hiring, please contact the contractor directly.
      • All floor space exhibitors MUST submit a "Contractor Authorization Form" to Show Management for our records no later than May 15, 2020.
      • For additional electricity, see contractor form to order.
      • For booth design approvals, see contractor form.

      If you have questions please contact us.

      Pre-Fabricated Booths - Construction Details

      • For Pre-fabricated booths, Latin Expo Group will construct your booth for you.?
      • If you would like additional furniture for your booth see menu here.
      • To see what is included in your pre-fabricated booth, see here.
      • If you would like custom booth wall graphics please contact one of the contractors below for pricing and installation.

      Recommended Booth Contractors